Ai Sales Coach
Deliver up to 413%
sales growth
Step 1.
Sales rep takes a 'videoselfie' demonstrating a product pitch or objection handling technique
Step 2.
Ai Sales Coach automatically reviews the video using speech and emotion recognition technology to tell if the sales rep was certain enough, positive enough and said everything right
Step 3.
Sales reps review each other's best videos and rate them. Add human coach / manager's feedback if you want.

The best videos go directly to video best practice library in every salesperson's smartphone / tablet.
Step 4.
Videos are categorized by product, customer profile and selling situation, so when integrated with CRM, Skillary tells your reps which videos would help them to do their best during the next call
Step 5.
Newcomers don't learn from 'standards' and 'playbooks' – they learn directly from your company's best minds. They have best answers to virtually any selling situation they can possibly get in.
Some of our customers' success stories:
Bank (over 5000 employees)
Improved their product conversion by 70% in 2 weeks
Pharmacy chain (about 500 employees)
Delivered 413% sales growth for target brand which delivered 76% of overall category growth in 2 months
Company improved brand quota achievement from 77% to 103% in 1,5 months
Our prices
SKILALRY Ai Sales Coach for small businesses
— up to 49 participants
— weekday user support
— 100Gb storage included
— free traffic included
— 1 free course
Per month
Book online demo session
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no credit card needed
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